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We play the best of the best from old School R&B, Today's R&B, Lite Rock, Smooth Jazz, and Gospel. is  owned by HRC.

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Featured Artists

  • Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III
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It's All About The Music!! Commercial Free Music and News you can use 24/7.  is an online radio station that plays music from different musical genres. The music consists of Old school R&B, New school R&B, Lite Rock, Smooth Jazz, and Gospel. All are welcome to listen and we hope enjoy!!  We also carry hourly news updates via the CBS Radio News. Keep it right here for the latest news and information.The station is based in San Antonio, TX. For additional information, comments/questions contact: John Hairston, Program Director at:

(210) 440-3968 | (210) 680-9026 fax

Concerts and Tours

Our featured touring artist is Alicia Keys. Following the release of her fifth studio album 'Girl On Fire', fourteen-time Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, and producer Alicia Keys will return for her 'Set the World On Fire Tour.  Keys’ fifth studio album, 'Girl On Fire' – which topped the iTunes charts of over 20 countries worldwide when it was released by RCA Records in November last year - was written and produced by Alicia alongside collaborators Jeff Bhasker, (Kanye West, Bruno Mars), Salaam Remi ,(Amy Winehouse, Nas), Frank Ocean, Emile Sande, and Jamie XX among others. View All

Featured Artist: Elle Varner

 Spending most of childhood in rehearsal and recording rooms Elle Varner was destined to follow in her parents footsteps. Being featured on many tv stations including Mtv's  as a buzz-worth artist and Bet's Music Matters artist would help kick start her career. In 2012 Perfectly Imperfect, her first album debuted at number two on the billboards hip-hop/r&b albums chart. Elle Varner is not only young and beautiful but she the perfect role-model for today youth and a breath of fresh air for R&B.